About us

Our Company is located in Nappanee, Indiana where we have been providing quality steel service and fabrication since 2001. We offer an extensive range of metal products, fabrication processes, and simply the best customer service available!

Our goals

  1. Be the Definition of Customer Service

    We are the standard by which our customers grade other vendors.

  2. On Time Deliveries

    Doing whatever it takes to make sure your production is running.

  3. Quality Products

    Providing products that are right the first time and always striving for continual quality improvements.

Our approach

By working closely with all of our customers we can determine your needs and what services we can offer to meet those needs.

Some examples of services we offer:

  • Cycle Counting
  • JIT Delivery
  • Vendor Managed Inventory System
  • Inventory Stocking
  • and more!

Please contact us for further information. If you are interested in something that is not listed we will work with you to develop a solution!

Principal Officers

Josh Cook

Josh joined Right Angle in 2006. Josh is currently the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. He has over 13 years of experience in the steel industry.

Carl Cook

Carl founded Right Angle in August of 2001. Carl has over 40 years experience in customer service and has been working in the steel industry for over 21 years.

Greg Wendowski

Greg was the 2nd employee of Right Angle. Greg has over 23 years of sales experience in the steel industry.